Looking Back 

to Go Forward 

Hopefully you know the story of the man and the two sets of footprints where he looked for footprints behind him in times of trouble. If not? Google it and then the rest of this story will make more sense.  So pick up the story as the man has discovered only one set of footprints and he now knows why there is only one set. Got it? Good.

On January 11, 2018 I found only one set behind me as I became a widow. But! Yes a single sided “but.” HAHA I took that as a sign that there was hope so I plowed ahead with life knowing this…  One day I would turn around and finally see that one set of footprints would again be two. As a sign that I was strong enough to walk on, that I would be able to return to a life as a whole person again.  Well guess what? Now don’t get ahead of me…

Three things happened, nearly all at once last week. First it got cold, cold enough to need a fire in the wood stove to run the chill out of the house. So I just built it and struck a match and ta-da the chill skedaddled. Yes I said skedaddled. Easy enough. Then I climbed up this pull down attic ladder in the garage to some storage and brought down a wicked witch that was causing me some frustration. It’s a Halloween decoration that I brought back from Texas after my mom passed away. It hangs and cackles and really has more meaning to my close family than is worth telling ya’ll about (that ya’ll is Texas talk). We all have those things in our families that have special, happy or just plain weird attachments to us. Well this witchy witch is just weird. So I climbed up there, got ole witchy witch out and sent her away. Banished her to witchy witch land elsewhere. Bad juju gone.

The third thing. I rolled up my hoses for the year. Yes, I still pull hoses around to water my lawn. Anyway. In the spring I lay them out and attach them to the various hydrants and sprinklers and the race is on for the next five or six months. But this last week. Uh just before the SNOW! I rolled up all the hoses and put them in storage under various trees around the yard. I usually find this a hard day. A day that brings to mind the next five to six months of cold and blow and gray and well, icky winter. A day where in the past I have googled how many days it is until the next spring. Yes that kind of a day. But this year as I drained and rolled and stuffed hoses I was humming! Oh my goodness? Humming? Me? Yep it was me. You’d never guess the song. HAHA

That’s when I remembered about those footprints. I looked around and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if there weren’t two sets behind me. Finally two sets again. I lit the fire without so much as a worry of if I was doing it the “right” way. I just did it. I took it upon myself to rid bad juju from my home in the guise of banning the witchy witch to place that I know she will meet here match. To Miss Marci-back in Texas!  The topper was getting ready for winter without the apprehension of the coming of winter, by of all things-humming.

The world didn’t change. I did. I figure as we be-bop along there will always be stones in our path. Yes even an occasional boulder. Dang boulders anyway. That’s when music can change your life. Can music break glass—or boulders—or bring down defenses? “Invisible cracks and chinks cover every material’s surface but their size and location can vary wildly,” according to Jeffery Kysar, a mechanical engineer at Columbia University. So if just the right note is played at just the right time, I believe music can tear down walls and let in healing. That’s what that silly humming did for me.

Hey! I don’t just make this stuff up you know. Hum, sing, shout to your hearts content until you look back and see two sets of footprints and walk on. Ain’t life a hoot and a half?

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Find her on Facebook, Instagram or at itybytrina@yahoo.com