Pictured: Jennifer Southworth, volunteer for Red Ribbon Week, Commissioners Ian Bullis, Richard Howe, Shane Bybee and Mary Kerner, Red Ribbon volunteer.

Why do we have Red Ribbon Week (RRW)?  It’s a national campaign to bring awareness about drug abuse to your local community.

When is it? The week of October 20th 

This year’s theme: 

Send a Message, Stay Drug Free.

What should we do? This year, the community is being asked to participate with their own ideas! There will be a community wide contest to see who can get the most exposure during the week. The 2019 Community Support Champion will win a trophy to display in their business until next years RRW and they will have the opportunity to defend their title and a chance to keep the trophy for another year. The criteria’s simple, use #wpcredribbonweek on social media. If you don’t use the hashtag, your decorations, visibility, awareness, activities and such will not be counted. This is a big social media push for Red Ribbon Week here in White Pine County. Get creative and show us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! You don’t have to post on all 3. 

Follow the local RRW group on Facebook at: Red Ribbon Week – White Pine County NV

The Ely Elks Lodge has partnered with Eureka County and PACE coalition to bring a guest speaker to talk to high school and middle school students. The Sheriff’s office, Nevada Highway Patrol, Nevada Division of Investigation and Juvenile Probation will be doing presentations at the elementary schools. 

Any questions? Call Mary Kerner 293-0809