Congratulations and Thank You to those folks from my Hometown – Ely, who have participated in Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) efforts to thwart the dastardly SNWA Water Pipeline.

I certainly appreciate those who have and who will participate in our pine nut sale fundraiser, Fridays & Saturdays at Garnet Mercantile, Pinenuts are $12.00 a pound, and $5 goes to the GBWN.

My personal thanks to my friend and local hotelier,  Burt Woywood, he is hosting Prospector rooms for our GBWN legal crew who will be in Ely Tuesday and Wednesday, November 12 & 13 to attend the hearing at the White Pine County Courthouse. I also encourage each & everyone of you to attend those hearings. Please help us to fill the courtroom with local folk. We need to show the press that we are real people who need to keep our water.

Delaine Spilsbury, 

Member GBWN Board of Directors