Submitted by Minnis Alderman

The value of the Centennial Fine Arts Center’s being listed on the National Historic Register (July 29, 1993) and being recognized as one of “America’s Treasures” (1999-one of 34 in all) by the National Foundation of Historic Preservation, added to the possibilities of the Center’s additional use not only locally but also regionally.

In the 1990’s Great Basin College sponsored the Elderhostile Program, People from Several states participated in this annual event and the White Pine Community Choir performed at these events at the college, the Bristlecone Convention Center, and the Centennial Fine Arts Center.

The Nevada State Piano Teachers held annual festivals in the Fine Arts Center, as mentioned in previous article. Nevada State Delta Kappa Gamma held one of its State Conventions in the Bristlecone Convention Center and Centennial Fine Arts Center. Columbia Artists Concerts being held in the Center was very significant as to the superior acoustics and superior instruments.

One of the local churches closed its facility and donated its pews to the Center. Seating was then far better (cushioned) and plentiful!

In 2005 the National Highway 50 Association chose Ely for its National Convention. Highway 50 was the first national highway connecting all the states from East Coast (New York) to the West Coast (San Francisco). The Choir paid tribute to each state by signing the state anthem of each. (That took some real research and practice). The convention was held in the Convention Center and in the Fine Arts Center.

How fortunate for Ely with the Centennial Fine Arts Center. How fortunate for the Center to be in Ely. ¸—More yet.