Mark Bassett, the Executive Director for the Nevada Northern Railroad Foundation, had lots of stories to share with us, from experiences at the railroad. Here are just a few:

Stories of what I’ve seen on the Nevada Northern-Con Trumbull

-My first experience was in the engine house right after I got my student diesel engineer card. On the last Polar Express run of my weekend at the railroad I decided to stick around the engine house for awhile and start to become familiar with the locomotives. The lights were on in my section of the engine house and I was sitting on the steps of one of the Alcos. For some reason I felt the need to look towards the change room and saw someone in overalls come from the change room and around into the boiler shop into the darkness. I decided it was time to leave.

-I’ve heard a lot of voices, sounds of tools, footsteps all over the engine house. I’ve also seen workers throughout the building, usually out of the corner of my eye but occasionally as plain as if a person was actually there but they disappear. During one of the photoshoots I had a wrench thrown at me and Lennox.

-I was doing my laundry one night in February, went to move stuff to the dryer and 93’s safety was lifting, so I slid the door a crack and turned on the lights waiting to open the door until the lights were actually on. Slid the door open and the room was full of steam. Through the steam in front of me was the form of a person walking across the room. There was no one else in the building.

-In the bunkhouse I have heard footsteps and doors open and close. I also heard a steam locomotive going by at night.

-Went ghost hunting in Coach 5, saw what looked like the shape of a little kid so set up the motion detectors and EMF detectors. Nothing happened, but realized everything was set up in the men’s section. Moved everything to the other section and captured a lot of activity.

-Saw a person in the private car in the paint barn. When my locker was in there, I was changing at the end of the day. Heard footsteps walk up to the door and the deadbolt locked. Saw nobody through the window. The next morning one of my boots was missing and I found it 20 feet away down the building as if something had thrown it across the room.

-Came out of the bathroom in the master mechanics office one night with no lights on, saw the silhouette of a person between me and the door. Jumped and it disappeared, turned the lights on and no one was there.