By Michael Sturgeon

The future looks bright for the White Pine County football program. The shutout win 50-0 over Alamo  was the third shutout victory in a row and topped off an undefeated season for the White Pine Middle School Cougars. 

The Cougars, made up of both WPMS students joined by 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from Learning Bridge Charter school really came together as a team. Every member of the team contributed to the wins with every eligible player playing in every game they attended. 

8th grade standout quarterback and captain Casetin Gubler started every game and showed great command of the offense. Jackson Armstrong, a 7th grade QB, was able to contribute both in the air and on the ground after a lead was quickly built in every game. Though a couple of quarterbacks were developing in each class, 6th grader Daniel Highline received the third most reps under center and showed great leadership earning him the 6th grade Offensive Player of the Year. 

Jordan Stroud who quickly grasped the defence became the 6th grade Defensive Player of the Year. Jesus Gonzalas was able to come off the bench and score in every game making him the 7th grade Offensive Player of the Year and Tucker Maestes who was able to work his way into the starting line up as a 7th grader became the 7th grade Defensive Player of the Year. 

There were a lot of 8th grade contributors on both sides of the ball with captains Thomas Griffin, Kanigh Snyder, and Brennon (Beans) Allen adding really big plays. 

Running back Jack Hart showed great leadership and play making making everyone around him better and was named the Offensive Player of the Year and defensive end Morgan Finicum made the team look completely different when in the game striking fear into the opponents and was named Defensive Player of the Year. 

The team had the overall goal of getting better everyday and looking ahead towards a future high school state championship. 

Head Coach Mike Sturgeon said all of the coaches consistently commented that this group of athletes have been the best athletes that they have coached thus far.  We all look forward to seeing what this group does in the future for White Pine High School football.