Chad Henriod

Chad Henriod has been posthumously nominated as The Ely Lions Club’s Support Staff of the Month for October.  Henriod was nominated by Paul Johnson, Chief Financial Officer of the White Pine County School District.

In a touching tribute, Johnson wrote, “Mr. Henriod worked for the school district for 20 years in the capacity of maintenance, plumber, and all-purpose-expert. For the most part, the work that Chad did was behind the scenes and went unnoticed, but the services he provided affected the quality of life and education of each staff member and every student.”

Accepting the award on his father’s behalf was Chad’s son, Riley.  As part of the nomination, Johnson explained how vital Henriod was to the whole of White Pine County, “Chad was responsible for the heating and air conditioning at every school facility.  This was a challenge at times given the age of our equipment; and there were times things didn’t work as planned!”

“Chad was the one who always answered the call for help; weekends or evenings, he would take calls from the biomass boiler at DEN. He would go to work regardless of time and weather, driving to the schools and fixing the problem so that the school would be heated for students and staff,” Johnson explained. 

The loss of Chad Henriod has been a deeply impactful one, felt throughout the community.  To have known him is to understand why he deserves the accolade. Johnson further described Henriod’s accomplishments and contributions in his nomination letter, “Whenever it would snow after hours, Chad would drive to the District Office at 4:00 am, hop in his truck and plow snow so that the schools were cleared of snow and safe for students and staff. He was also responsible for the water system in Lund. This involved mandated water quality tests, continual maintenance and independent inspections.”

Johnson echoed many of the sentiments held by WPCSD staff and faculty, saying, “ I know that he took great pride in serving the students and staff of the White Pine County School District. Chad put his boots on every day, rolled up his sleeves and went to work  and I know our school district was better for the work that he performed.”  Henriod may be gone but his memory will not be forgotten. 

Amy Sorensen

McGill Elementary Principal Robert Bischoff nominated Amy Sorensen to be Ely Lions Club’s Teacher of the Month for White Pine County School District, for the month of October.

In his nomination Mr. Bischoff wrote, “Mrs. Sorensen is starting her fourth year as a teacher at McGill. She began as an Alternative Route to 

Licensure candidate, which required her to sacrifice a great deal of time and energy before becoming a fully credentialed teacher.  Ms. Sorensen worked diligently on all of this coursework during her first three years at the school, excelling in it while always giving maximum effort in the classroom as well.”Highlighting teachers that make a difference Mr. Bischoff explains, “Mrs. Sorensen is a leader at McGill, constantly working to hone her many natural gifts and talents, which along with a great attitude, allow her progress towards the district’s vision of world class learning.  She is innovative; she is passionate; she is persistent; she is collaborative; she is inquisitive; she is a problem solver; she is respected among her peers.”

The Ely Lion’s Club, one of the oldest service clubs in the world, has been celebrating teachers and students for over ninety years.  For the month of October’s award, Mrs. Sorensen is described by Biscoff as, ““Inspiring her students through her own passion for literacy.  They see her enthusiasm and it is contagious.  This allows her to work with them to refine their writing.  Examining their work is evidence of their commitment and her skill in ensuring their learning.”In his nomination letter Mr. Biscoff heralded Mrs. Sorensen as someone “very much concerned about her students and their growth both emotionally and academically. She is an advocate for them and is always thinking of ways to improve her craft in order to improve her students.”In and out of the classroom, Biscoff describes the level of professionalism and commitment that made it an easy nomination, “She is not only receptive to feedback but seeks it out. She recently started a group for staff members to watercolor together once a month as part of her commitment to nurturing the culture of the staff and supporting her colleagues,” he said.

Biscoff told the Lion’s Club, “Mrs. Sorensen is also a great asset to the community. Many years ago, she helped start the White Pine Children’s Art Festival, which continues to bring together dozens of local artists and hundreds of students for a week long summer extravaganza. Mrs. Sorensen is an incredible teacher.  She deserves this wonderful recognition as Teacher of the Month!”