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Mt. Wheeler Power CEO Kevin Robison presents donation to the Ely Shoshone Tribe members Diana Buckner, Hawk Dumont and Christine Stones along with Shellie Watts, Mt. Wheeler Power Member Services / HR Manager.

The Ely Shoshone Tribe organizes an annual event held in July that engages and connects communities and visitors to celebrate and share the culture and traditions of the Native American Tribes across the United States. The annual event is known as the Ely Shoshone Powwow and fandango. The Powwow and fandango is a fun, festive time, celebrated by gathering traditional Native American Singers, dancers, and native artisans, and traders displaying and selling their works.

Earlier this year, we worked diligently with Michael Dalton, Tribal Planner with the Shoshone Tribe, to procure funding for needed improvements to the properties, facilities and infrastructure by providing some dedicated power for lighting the park during the night time events. 

We reached out to our partner CoBANK, a cooperative bank serving agribusinesses, rural infrastructure providers and Farm Credit associations throughout the United States.  From there we initiated their Sharing Success grant. The $3 million-dollar fund is a cornerstone of CoBank’s corporate citizenship efforts, matching donations by the bank’s cooperative and other eligible customers to nonprofit organizations in their communities. 

CoBANK’s Sharing Success program matched our contribution on a dollar for-dollar basis, allowing us to donate $10,000 towards their project. 

On Tuesday, Tribe representatives Diana Buckner, Christine Stones and Hawk Dumont were present to receive our generous donation presented by Mt. Wheeler Power CEO Kevin Robison and Member Services/HR Manager Shellie Watts. Diana shared her anticipation toward the success of the project and expressed gratitude about the message this donation sends about solidarity and unity as a community.