By Sheriff Scott Henriod

October 31st is fast approaching which means our streets will be filled with ghost, witches, super heroes, villains and all kinds of costumes being worn by our precious children. 

Yes it’s time for Halloween. 

The excitement fills the air as they dress up and go door to door collecting those sweet treats. With that in mind I would like to share a few ideas on how to make this Halloween a safe one. 

First, drive slow, children in their excitement can dart out unexpectedly from driveways, behind parked cars, and off sidewalks. 

Second, encourage children to trick or treat together. There is always safety in numbers. If that’s not possible make sure they are accompanied by an adult. 

Third, make sure your child’s costume doesn’t impair their vision or restrict their movement. 

Fourth, carry a flashlight so you can see, but also be seen. 

Fifth, advise your children to only accept the treats from the person’s porch. Discourage them from entering into someone’s home. 

Sixth, inspect their treats before they start gobbling them up. Make sure they are wrapped and no tampering has taken place. If you find a treat that is questionable, just throw it away. 

Eighth, have a great time and make this Halloween a fun and safe one for all.