October 28, 2019

BRIAN PARICK BOUSQUET: Guilty of Reckless Driving causing death by virtue of the Guilty Plea Agreement. Court orders $25 AA Fee, $3 GMA fee, $60 Forensic fee, $350 PSI fee, 12-48 months NDOC, suspended, placed on probation not to exceed 3 years; $2000 fine; $3192 restitution; defendant advises that the $5000 cash bail that was posed could be used for fines. Court advises that the defendant will have to pay an additional $500 for the remaining fine. Defendant is required to be booked and released. Judge Steve L. Dobrescu presiding.

GUILLERMO PINERA CRESPO: Guilty of Reckless Death causing substantial bodily harm, in violation of NRS 484B.560, a Category B felony. Court orders $25 AA fee, $60 Forensic fee, $150 DNA fee, $3 GMA fee; 12-36 months NDOC, suspended and placed on probation not to exceed 3 years; $2000 fine; defendant must have employment or community service of 32 hours per week. All court fees to be paid within first year of probation. Defendant must turn himself to the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office to be booked and released and to provide a DNA sample. Defendant must get permission from Florida for Interstate Compact before returning to Florida. Judge Gary D. Fairman presiding.

November 5, 2019

CHRISTINA LYNN COOMBES: Probation violation.Probation to be revoked and underlying sentence to be imposed. Court orders to revoke Probation and imposes the original sentences in both of the defendant’s cases. In case CR-1609108, 31 days credits for time serviced; In case CR-1609109, 23 days credit for time served. Defendant is remanded into custody. Judge Steve L. Dobescu presiding.