Special to the Ely Times

We’ve all lost something, put an item down one place only to forget where that place was, or we’ve had to admit our memory or klutziness got the better of us. Keys, sun glasses, reading glasses, a jacket or a hoodie, lunch box or backpack; what is lost will be found. Everywhere you go in Ely there is a lost and found with items left behind. From the Library to the grocery store and everywhere in between. Even the state recently sent out a notice reminding people of unclaimed property and lost or forgotten money waiting to be claimed. 

Be it a water bottle, sock or scarf, mitten or something more precious like a pet or a purse, a phone, laptop or cherished keepsake, when something is lost, we seek it out in a search, retracing our steps or praying it’s found by someone who will see that it safely gets returned. 

For lost items in Ely, whether dropped on the street or in a parking lot, on a trail or in a park, left behind in a business or rec area, the Lost and Found is a universal catch all that comes in handy for many.  Now, you can add a lost and found section of The Ely Times Classifieds as one more safety net in the event locals need a little extra help finding their lost objects.  

Locals can use The Ely Times Classifieds’ lost and found section dedicated to reconnecting Ely residents and travelers with their lost or misplaced items. This week’s classifieds lists just a few of the places we have been over the last few weeks that have left behind personal belongings waiting to be reclaimed. 

If you have lost an item, place an ad or see if what you are looking for has been called in and where you can find it. On the flip side, if you find something, reach out and see how an ad can spread the search area.  Lost and found ads are free.  

We recommend turning in items of significant value to Sheriff’s Office or notify property owners or proprietors if available, to avoid unintended confusion.  

Everyone loses things. The Ely Times classifieds now offers one more avenue to reach out and connect the community.  Whether you lost or you’ve found something, let us know and we can spread the word. 

While you are checking out the classifieds, if you feel you have become lost in your love life, try finding that missing someone in the Classified Personals section. The Ely Times reaches readers all over the country with print and over 16,000 viewers a week online.