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Pictured front: Kaden Martin. Middle row: Morgan Finicum, Aiden Parent, Ashlyn Rivera, MaCayla Lister. Back row: Rylie Mattinson and Maegan Fuller.

Learning Bridge eighth graders recently completed a stem activity that helped them explore basic concepts such as gravity, force and acceleration.  Middle School Science Teacher, Elizabeth Crosby, stated that this activity teaches students how to think creatively and practically to solve a problem.  The students should take away practical knowledge to solve a similar problem in the future or develop creative solutions to other problems by using the same logical process.  At the conclusion of this activity the students had a better understanding of simple machines and where they exist around them.

Learning Bridge would also like to thank Mt. Wheeler for providing the bucket truck for this activity. The students whose egg did not break from the highest height were awarded  lunch with Principal Jerri-Lynn Williams-Harper.