By Sheriff Scott Henriod

This week’s Sheriff’s Corner I would like to take the opportunity to recognize and congratulate Deputy Lowell Sommervold on his recent award that he received from the Office of Traffic Safety.  Deputy Sommervold was recently honored at the Nevada Traffic Safety Summit held in Sparks Nevada this past October. Deputy Sommervold was recognized as the outstanding officer for the Sheriff’s Office and for his dedication to the Office of Traffic Safety program. The award that Deputy Sommervold received showed his deep concern for the citizens of White Pine County as it reflected his sacrifice in time as he worked each traffic safety event held.  Deputy Sommervold also attended training at the conferences that focused on traffic safety related issues.  The Sheriff’s Office applies for grant funding each year through the Office of Traffic Safety which provides extra funds so deputies can work overtime, enforcing traffic related problems located in the White Pine County area. This year the Sheriff’s Office received $23,000. dollars to pay for the deputies extra patrol time. The Sheriff’s Office appreciates its partnership with the Office of Traffic Safety as we work together to make White Pine County a safer place to live. Once again, congratulations to Deputy Lowell Sommervold