Three years strong the Jingle Bell Project has helped many in the community during the Holiday season.

The Tillery family that organized the Jingle Bell Project were moved by this community’s giving spirit and wanted to find a way to pay it forward.  Yvette Tillery explains how 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  “The entire community came together for us and raised over $10,000 to help us get to and from my doctor appointments.”  Tillery was so overwhelmed by the generosity and the outpouring of love they received, it spared a desire inside her to give back.

Tillery notes they bought a small business four years ago, called Wicked Creams.  The business has since been sold, but the name of the business carries on through their fundraising efforts.

Wicked Creams has had several other fundraising efforts as well, bake sales, benefit dinners, that all go back to those in need in the community.

Three years ago, the Tillery family began their annual Jingle Bell Rock. The event is a lot of fun for the whole family,  and it not only benefits the finder of the Rock but it also helps those in need over the holiday season.

Tillery, “What we do is fundraise throughout the year, we then hide the Jingle Bell Rock. We then give clues to the rock’s location via KDSS and our Wicked’sCreams facebook page. If you find the rock, you will win half of the money raised, the other half will go to fund our Wicked Angel Tree that is currently set up at KDSS. The Angel Tree has angels on the tress for youth ages from 12 to 18.

Anyone can go down to KDSS and pick an ornament from the tree, fulfill the needs on the ornament and return them to KDSS.  Several local business have contributed in donations in kind and monetary.  If you would like to donate please contact  Yvette Tillery  at 775-296-3851