This past Saturday, November 16th, multiple White Pine County Fire Departments came together for vehicle extrication training led by L.N. Curtis Heavy Rescue Instructor, Jeff Gates. Using donated vehicles, participants from Cherry Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Ely Volunteer Fire Department, Lackawanna Volunteer Fire Department, McGill Volunteer Fire Department and Ruth Volunteer Fire Department, were able to practice their extrication skills with familiar tools, as well as learn new skills using new equipment. Every team of first responders  worked for four hours learning and training on vehicle accident response procedures.

The coordination of countywide fire departments for this training event was one example of the intercounty fire agreement’s successful implementation.  All of White Pine County is safer for the cooperative training experience and the organizations involved are planning more trainings for the future.

Despite where you live in White Pine County you have a Volunteer Fire Department near by to respond when help is needed, and there is a growing awareness that neighboring townships and area departments are going to be responding also in the event they are needed.  These types of training events provide everyone the opportunity to meet and get to know each other while learning a uniform standard so everyone is on the same page.

If you are interested in volunteering as a first responder, departments are accepting applications.  Consider the benefits of giving back to your community as you learn life saving techniques and expand your abilities.

These trainings for volunteer departments are an integral part of emergency preparedness, but they are not free.  Every department needs your support regardless of where you live in White Pine County.  Donate to your local Volunteer Fire Department if you cannot volunteer. With every training, White Pine County becomes more united and a safer place to live.