Teresa Stewart photo
Elves decorate The Ely Times’ Festival of Trees submission “100 Years of History”

The new year 2020 will mark the centennial celebration for  The Ely Times. In today’s world most small businesses do not seem to last 50 years, let alone a full one hundred.  In the faster moving global races of technology and the almighty dollar, more and more often newspapers are dying off, replaced by websites and far leaning news sources that are subsidiaries of larger corporations.  

The Ely Times is proud to have a history of progressing right along with a progressing White Pine County.  As we celebrate our 100th year in White Pine County we are continuing our fair and even coverage of state and local news that matters to you.  

We want to say Thank You this Thanksgiving, to all of our subscribers and advertisers that have helped support a local small business that strives to do the best we can for the community at large.   

Not many people think of The Ely TImes as a small business that needs its local community’s support to keep printing and putting out information on a weekly basis.  We, like many newspapers across the country, are facing extinction. Without the community’s continued subscriptions, advertisements, notices, and support we would have become another periodical to close up shop a long time ago.  

Celebrate 100 years with us in 2020, pick up a paper, take out a want ad or yard sale, send a birthday greeting, get a subscription, write an article, and stay informed.