By Bill Noah

Our Ladies’ Night Out league is now underway and Danielle Jensen led the scoring with a 434 series.  Following up we had Jadine Stark 354; Stalene Jackson 350; Kim Haslem 401; Melissa Brown 367; Patti Marques 412; Lachelle Groth 405; Salene Jackson 360 and Deanna Baldwin 391.

Friday Fanatics had nice scoring with Brian Ashley 278-707; Barbie Langlois 212-541; Michael Blair 211-604; Bridget Watson 509/531; Alan Schaller 215-621; Gina Watson 201-518/ 213-536; Dennis Baldwin 552; Josh Miller 210-559; Kyle Jensen 217-563; Kevin Kaamasee 211-580 and Eric Chilson 240-580.

Scoring for the Young at Heart Seniors went as follows:  Jim Park 590; Carol Martin 424; Rudy Montoya 390; Candy Birch 308; Cliff Martin 391; Karen Kirkeby 464; Mark Birch 364; Trish Stark 325; Gene Trask 201-547 / 220-552; Sherry Baker 344; Thad Spear 382 and Ron Stark 369.

The Wednesday Wackos’ Michael Blair led all scoring with a 266-728.  We then had Brian Ashley 255-684 / 228-658; Brent Rose 247-624; Kevin Kaamasee 224-619; Eric Chilson 226-566; Susan Jensen 518 and Robert Livingston 247-613.

In the last column, I was discussing pin weights in reference to a tournament in Chicago, Illinois.  I’ve been asked about that tournament and it is the world famous Petersen Classic.  Louis B. Petersen started the 8-game event in 1921.  No tournament before or since has generated as many stories as this historic tournament.  Bowlers love to tell their experiences at this event and the funny part is, they can hardly wait to give it another try! 

I read an article by Frenchy Letourneau that I will share with you in the next column.  It’s quite interesting as it deals with some of Nevada’s bowling history.  Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.