Mikal Smith says that Ely is full of angels and he shared his story with expressing his gratitude for so many who helped him and his family.

“It was about 6 years ago, I was on my way from Idaho to Arizona, traveling through Ely.”  Smith said.  He was pulling a horse trailer with two horses.  Traveling with him was his niece who was pregnant at the time, along with her three year old daughter.

After leaving Wells, Nevada, Smith noted that the weather was acceptable for travel, but as they became closer to Ely, they encountered mother nature’s wrath….a blizzard.  “To make a long story short, the roads were extremely icy and about 6 miles out of Ely, I pulled to the side to let others pass. Unexpectedly, our pickup and trailer slid off the road. We were stuck. Others who passed looked at us sympathetically but realized they could not stop to help as they would slide off also, or not be able to get going again.”  Smith said they were at a loss at what would happen next.

Smith explains that out of the storm, a white pickup passed them, traveling in the opposite direction.  “I watched the driver wave as he went by. Next thing I knew, he had turned around and came back to help,” Smith said.

Without ever speaking to each other, Smith grabbed the chain the man threw to him and he attached it to his truck.  As Smith jumped back in his truck, the man pulled Smith back up on the road with his truck, while barely keeping his own truck from being pulled off the road.

Smith notes that the man jumped out of his truck, while Smith was barely keeping his truck going so that he wouldn’t get stuck again,  grabbed the chain off Smith’s truck and took off.

“We never exchanged a word, but he saved us. I think he was really an angel, after all, he had a white truck.”

But it didn’t stop there. When the Smith’s arrived in Ely, other locals  helped them chain up, led them to the White Pine County Fairgrounds to board their horses for the evening, and ensured they had a place to stay for the blistery evening.  Smith, “one couple even offered to let us stay in their home.”

Everyone we encountered was so kind. I still get nostalgic thinking about all of the “angels” we met that day. Thank you, Ely