Submitted photo
Minotaur Team (Left to Right: Caiden Castellano, Tegan Ricci, Masson Blades, Camdon Weaver)

On Saturday, December 7, the David E. Norman Robotics Teams (Nyan Weirdos, Brainiacs, Minotaur, and Flying Unipiggies) and the Nutty Robots (Narwhals of Doom) competed in an Elementary VEX IQ tournament at Greenspun Junior High School in Henderson, NV. The DENBots’ Minotaur team won first place in both the skills and team competitions!

All of the White Pine teams made a strong showing at the 28-team tournament. In the qualifying rounds, Minotaur finished in 1st place with an average score of 50.6.  Narwhals of Doom completed qualifying in 9th place with an average score of 33.1 points.  Flying Unipiggies finished 11th with an average score of 29.6.  Brainiacs came in 12th with an average score of 29.4.  Nyan Weirdos finished 18th with an average score of 26.  

Minotaur and Narwhals of Doom both advanced to the final round.  Narwhals of Doom and their alliance partner from Nate Mack Elementary scored 70 points in their finals match to finish in 3rd place.  Minotaur and their partner, Python from Engineering for Kids, scored a phenomenal 83 points in their finals match to clinch the teamwork championship.

Minotaur also took first in the skills portion of the competition with a score of 62. Brainiacs scored 51 to come in 5th, the Narwhals took 13th with 40 points, Nyan Weirdos came in 20th with 20 points, and the Unipiggies came in 26th with 0 points.