By Bill Noah

I read an article by Frenchy Letourneau which brought back some great memories for me.  January 1, 2000 the ABC/WIBC offered special recognition to the first bowler to roll a 300 in the new century.  

Bea Goodwin, Manager of Showboat Lanes in Las Vegas set up a 10 game tournament that would start at precisely 12:01 am, January 1, 2000.  She recruited a Vegas resident and 9 year PWBA member Dawn Bourgon to bowl in the event, in hopes of capturing the honors.  At approximately 12:27 during the second game of competition, Bea’s guest was close due to Dawn stringing the first 11 strikes in a row.  Throwing a monster shot that buried itself in the pocket, the stubborn ten pin refused to fall.  The honor of the first three hundred game rolled went to Paul Nimitz of Rockford, Illinois which happened over nine hours after that ten pin stood in Las Vegas.  Regardless of the outcome, I have to agree with Frenchy that it was a fantastic performance by a Southern Nevada and Minnesota WBA Hall of Famer. 

 I was lucky enough to bowl my second PBA tournament at the Showboat with a young unknown kid by the name Mark Roth.  

You can come up with all the different sites that you can think of as the capital of top notch bowlers.  One that I can guarantee you is that in my era, no place could surpass the Showboat Lanes.