By Bill Noah

The New Year’s holiday always brings up resolutions for different things that people either want to change or improve on.  I’m going to give you some holiday scores and we’ll look for some improvements with the new year looming close.

Friday Fanatics showcased Michael Blair’s 246/698 performance followed by:  Lisa Althof 525; Kyle Jensen 213-583; Gina Watson 506/507; Eric Chilson 221-632; Kayla Jensen 192-537; Alan Schaller 219-653; Bridget Watson 561; Jason Adams 243-634; Jason Watson 265-673; Brian Ashley 253-643; Kevin Kaamasee 211-613; Dennis Baldwin 212-516; Chris Baldwin 515 and Nick Althoff with a (one pin short) 199. 

Wednesday Wackos scores were led by Michael Blair again with 278-660/247-696.  Coming on strong was: Brent Rose 257-630; Michael Bongard 207-604; Brian Ashley 214-595; Kevin Kaamasee 213-604; Susan Jensen 232-571; Tom Sanders 208-555; Grant Chilson 210-574; Robert Livingston 209-582; Tom Sandt 204 and Riley Hutchinson with a 205.

The Thursday Nite Gals had scores of:  Lachelle Groth 445; Donna Leubek 406; Kayla Jensen 427; Stalene Jackson 410; Kim Haslem 484; Lisa Althoff 478; Shannon Barngrover 432; Salene Jackson 405; Danielle Jensen 437 and Jadine Stark 411. 

Our senior bowlers saw Karen Kirkeby lead the way with 462 followed by her partner Gene Trask 502; Thad Spear 323; Cliff Martin 418; Trish Stark 345; Rudy Montoya 343; Carol Martin 348; Mark Birch 384 and Jim Park 424.

Stay warm and have a fantastic Holiday Season.