We mourn the loss of a once cherished companion. Common Sense. Gone from our world far too soon and we are lost without the virtues Sense had brought to light our world, like manners and courteousness, understanding and compassion, interpersonal connection, and communication. 

Common Sense lived simply and by sound financial practices, never spending more than one can afford to lose.  Common Sense was reliable for protecting the sanctity of respect for others, especially our elders. 

When Common Sense began to erode, deteriorating rapidly, the world at large felt the tremblings and became ever the more trepidatious. Globally, reports of humanity behaving without Common Sense guiding them became the norm, and each example hastened Common Sense’s demise.

Common Sense lost health and strength when children were allowed to run amuck and without correction or boundaries, when parents did more to reprimand teachers for classroom behavior rather than teaching their offspring proper respect and self discipline.  Common Sense grew weaker and more weary everytime members of audiences were louder than the performers or schools were prohibited from teaching sex-ed in health classes or politicians pandored to lobbiests rather than upheld their loyalty to the country and their constituents. 

Common Sense spiraled into decline and lost the life support it needed to survive as a people, more and more, left veterans to live on the streets, allowed backyard breeders and pet shops to explode pet populations, paid women less than equal for equal work, and watched as churches turned into untaxed businesses that did little to aid their neighbors or turned the word of God into ammunition for attacks or contorted excuses for shunning others in need. 

Taking a beating like those fighting for democracy, locked in cages like children, sickened by the water coming from the faucet, Common Sense took its last breaths, trying to hang on for someone to assist in the end.  Alas, Common Sense was shot in school, then shot again in church, and was wounded once more by gunfire at a music festival, poisoned by lettuce, and unable to afford medical care or the insurance that was so desperately needed. 

In a spectacular stampede of people moving through the world unconcerned with Common Sense’s existence, but overwhelmed by the need to control or condemn other people’s decisions, Common Sense gave up the ghost, and let go, but not before being slapped with a lawsuit over feeding the homeless. 

Common Sense was preceded in death by sister virtues, Truth and Trustworthiness, brother traits, Personal Responsibility and Morals; and companion in life, Reason.

The funeral for Common Sense was attended by the legal teams, I’m better than you, Get your own, Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie, & Mine, Victim Blaming, and The Almighty Dollar. 

The service and Interment was poorly attended, as few realized Common Sense was dead. Peace and Goodwill, though hobbled and on oxygen, suffering from the same ailments that killed Common Sense, were there watching, frail and haggard, but supported by Hope.