Teacher Munk’s Advisory class volunteered at the animal shelter for their community service project
Emily Munk photo

Each year, White Pine High School students in their advisory class get involved in the community by picking a Community Service Project. 

Students in their respective advisory class are tasked with selecting a project where they are able to help, give back and work on their philanthropy skills. It’s all on the students to make the selection they are most passionate about. Once the final project is selected, each student votes on it.  

This year, teacher Emily Munk’s advisory class mulled over some different ideas, and came up with volunteering at the Ely Animal Shelter.    Each student donated $5 and purchased bags of dog food, cat food and dog treats for the homeless pets at the shelter.  

Sixteen students, signed volunteer waivers, and were bussed out to the Ely Animal Shelter, where they were able to play with the cats and walk dogs.  Extra love and attention for the dogs was given, and several students hugged, and loved on the animals during their time with them.   

A great program that helps children get involved early in life, and they get that service-minded idea going behind them and it’s a huge help at the shelter.  

Munk noted that how much all of the students enjoyed this particular project.  

She said, “It was such a great experience. Some didn’t want to leave, and several students are looking at going back to volunteer for their senior community service requirement.”