By Sheriff Scott Henriod

Have you ever gotten a phone call and looked at the number that’s calling and it’s your own phone number? 

Have you been getting phone calls from numbers that appear to be coming from the Sheriff’s Office or Ely Justice Court? 

Well if you’re receiving these calls you’re not alone. I personally have experienced all of these in the last week. Somehow through modern technology the scammers have figured out how to pirate your number and the numbers to local law enforcement and judicial offices. The scammer (caller) will lay it on thick, telling you that the court, the Sheriff, IRS, or Social Security Office has issued a warrant for your arrest and unless you pay the fine a deputy will be coming to your door and arresting you. 

A gentleman just came into our office the other day and stated that he received one of these phone calls and provided the caller (scammer) with all his personal information, along with his banking information so he could pay the fine. After he had done this he then had doubt that it was real and came to the Sheriff’s Office to make a report. We advised him it was a scam and to immediately notify his banking establishment to stop any type of transaction against his banking account.  

As this scam gains momentum, please be advised that the Sheriff’s Office will not be calling you and advising you that you have outstanding warrants. Nor does the Sheriff’s Office serve warrants for the IRS or the Social Security Departments. All warrants that the Sheriff’s Office serve are kept confidential, due to the safety issues for the deputies that serve them. So if and when you get one of these calls, get a good laugh out of it and then hang-up on the caller.