Dear Editor, 

I am writing this letter just to voice my opinion concerning the half page ad put in The Ely Times on January 3rd  by Burt Woywod, owner of the Holiday Inn Express.

Bob VanCamp had his business where it is long before Mr. Woywod purchased the Prospector or built his Holiday Inn Express.  Mr. VanCamp’s wrecking yard is his livelihood.  I think “Fair is Fair”.  I know of Mr. Van Camp however, we are not personal friends. 

I have stayed in many upscale hotels in fifteen different states where the view out some windows were much less than perfect.  I can honestly say, that it did not affect my stay – if the accommodations of the hotel met my expectations. 

Sometimes we,  as humans, need to think about how our actions affect other people. 

Thank you for letting me vent. 

Vivian Joy

Ely resident since 1959