Picked up a copy of The Ely Times for the Week of January 10, 2020 because the lead headline jumped out at me.  ‘Sisolak visits Ely on tour of rural Nevada.’ If the “Governor of Clark County” spoke to any citizens other than a host of ‘Community Leaders’ and a few

school kids, the article made no mention of it.  I read through the entire article hoping to find in it an explanation as to why White Pine County citizens voted against Steve Sisolak by “a whopping 73%” but found nothing.  Rather than mention of Sisolak’s position on gun control, making Nevada into a sanctuary state for illegals, and other popular leftist causes, the article focused on these ‘community leaders’ expressing the need for more funding for this program, that program, and myriad other programs.  Granted, such programs in rural counties have a history of being underfunded because most of the state government’s focus is on the population centers of Reno and Las Vegas.  Was our illustrious Governor Sisolak perhaps thinking “If I can’t get these people over to my side with my political positions, I’ll try buying their affection with promises to give them money?”

If he came to Ely by automobile, The Governor would have passed by, as soon as he entered town, various establishments whose business centers on selling affection for money.  I guess there isn’t a lot of difference between politics and prostitution. Remember, this is the same Governor who, shortly after the election which placed him in office, was quoted as saying “I don’t give a shit about the rural counties.  They didn’t support me in the election so we’re moving forward and they won’t be a part of it.”

I hope that some among the ‘community leaders’ who spoke with Governor Sisolak did try to impress on him that lack of money for various programs didn’t play that big a part in our lack of enthusiasm for his election, but that there are a great many of us in the rural areas of

Nevada who see our way of life threatened by political ideologies emanating from people who have moved into Reno and Las Vegas.  Apparently, there is a considerably higher regard for constitutional rights and freedoms among rural populations than there is among those who

live in the cities.

Timothy McGowan

Lund, NV