KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
A downtown Ely building currently under renovation was vandalized recently. It was the 38th report of vandalism during 2019.

The Ely Times

A newly remodeled building, with a For Rent sign, was vandalized recently.  The incident occurred on Dec. 22, when someone struck the window with a board, according to the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office. 

There were 38 reports of vandalism in White Pine County during 2019. Numbers reported by the sheriff’s office reflect an increase from 2018, by 2 additional reports of vandalism.  The numbers were a shocking during 2017 with 57 reports of vandalism. The sheriff’s office is working diligently on the issue.  

What can you do as a member of the community? Sheriff Scott Henroid asks that you keep your eyes open and contact the Sheriff’s office when you see suspicious activity.

“Making the phone call so that deputies can respond to the area a lot of time prevents or leads to an arrest of someone who is making bad choices.”

The incident is still under investigation, if you have any information please contact 775-289-8808.