By Sheriff Scott Henriod

Man where does the time go? 2019 is now a year in the past and we are moving on into 2020, a new decade. 

I want to wish everyone a happy New Year and I hope it brings you much joy and happiness. As I was waiting for the New Year to ring in the other night I spent a little time watching some TV. It seemed that the programs that I was watching all had one theme in common. They all had their take on a year in review. They talked about top moves, music, actors, and top news stories that affected the world. 

So this Sheriff’s Corner I thought I would share with you how busy the Sheriff’s Office was for 2019. 

If I had to put a theme to our year in review, I would have to say it was do more with less. Unfortunately this past year we had several deputies sustain on the job injuries that prevented them from returning to work in 2019. We also had one deputy deployed on military leave for the year. We had several deputies attending Nevada POST to obtain their certification and with all this going on it left us shorthanded, but I was truly proud of the Sheriff’s Office employees. Each of them stepped up and filled in the gaps.  

This past years the Sheriff’s Office responded to 22,107 calls for service, deputies performed 2,896 traffic stops and wrote 969 citations. They investigated 241 accidents, investigated 185 domestic battery calls, 22 stolen vehicle calls, responded to 184 alarm calls, investigated 25 sexual assaults, investigated 155 theft calls, investigated 32 unattended deaths along with 16 coroner death investigations and investigated several murders. 

In-between all these calls for service the deputies also served 1,882 civil papers. These are just a few of the calls the Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to in 2019. It is our hope that those deputies that were injured on the job will have speedy recoveries and they can get back to work this year. 

The Sheriff’s Office looks forward to serving the citizens of White Pine County this year and let’s hope we all have a good one.