The annual Ice Fishing Derby has been cancelled. The Ely Times received  news on Wednesday, from Ely Rotarian, and one of the Ice Fishing Derby Coordinators, Steve Dobrescu that the Ely Rotary Ice Fishing Derby has been cancelled. 

Dobrescu said, “With heavy heart, the Ely Rotary Club is saddened to announce the cancellation of the January 2020 Ice Fishing Derby at Cave Lake State Park.”

Warm weather, and the lake being drained to a lower level are contributing factors with the final decision to cancel the event.  

“Despite great efforts by the club, Nevada State Parks, and the Nevada Department of Wildlife, it is not possible to ensure a safe, high quality Ice fishing derby at this time.”

The Ely Rotary Ice Fishing Derby is one of Ely’s largest tourist related events, that draws over 90 percent of it’s participants from out of town. In 2017, the Ice Fishing Derby had more than 700 entries, and prizes that range from $100 to $5,000. 

Plans for a future Ice Fishing Derby in 2021 are already in motion,  which will be held on Feb. 6.