James John Chachas, originally of Ely, died Saturday at the age of 76.   Known as Jimmy to his family and friends, he was born October 14, 1943, to Evelyn Tsimopoulous and John G. Chachas.  He was the fourth of their five children to John and Evelyn, who were long-time residents of Ely who built and owned various businesses including the Cleveland Ranch, the Junction Motor Service Company, the Hilltop Motel and other interests.

Jimmy attended and was an All-State basketball player for White Pine High School. He went on to earn two degrees from Stanford University, where he was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 1964 and a second Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 1967.  He had aspirations to become a doctor but changed course after college to pursue a legal career.  Unlike his brothers, Gregory and Ted, Jimmy preferred the excitement and activity of larger cities and moved to Las Vegas and opened a law practice after earning his law degree from the University of Utah School of Law.  For a short period of time he was interested in public service seeking the office of City Attorney in Ely.  

Jimmy never married and resided in Salt Lake City near his brother, Gregory, who died last April.  In addition to his parents, all of four of his siblings (Bessie, Greg, Ted and Basil) predeceased him.  He is survived by nine nieces and nephews and numerous second cousins in Ely and Las Vegas.  He will be laid to rest in the Ely cemetery in a private service.