Learning Bridge students enjoyed an additional day off this past weekend while teachers and staff members participated in a very informative and useful professional develpment day.

The professional development was directed by staff,  Billie Coleman, Sharon Groves and Elizabeth Crosby they are the Learning Bridge’s mentor science teachers and are being trained by NNRPDP. They presented on how the new Nevada State Computer

Science Standards can be integrated into each subject area.  The teachers and staff were also introduced to the process of coding and debuging of a program. In addition, Julie Krch presented information on dysgraphia and how it can affect a students self-esteem, and education.  A discussion was held on how educators, and parents could help with intervention for these students.   Prinicipal, Mrs. Williams-Harper led a discussion on the upcoming testing season. Pictured working during the professional develoment day are Holly Collins, Jamie Lawrence, Sharon Groves, and Principal, Jerri-Lynn Williams-Harper.

A reminder that the Open House-Tour will be held Monday, January 26 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. To celebrate National School Choice Week. Everyone is welcome.