Dear Editor,

I decided it’s time to defend myself against the reckless criticisms and the disparaging remarks of Bert Woywod, the proprietor of the Prospector Casino and the Holiday Inn Express.

The United State Supreme Court, in the famous 1971 – 1st Amendment case, Cohen v California, 403 U.S. 15, reserved Cohen’s state conviction for “maliciously and willfully disturbing the peace”, when he wore a jacket bearing the words “F**k the Draft.”  In that 40 year old landmark case, which is still the law today, the court famously stated, “….one man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric.  “The court also made clear, “…the State has no right to cleanse public debate to the point where it is grammatically palatable to the most squeamish among us.”  Everyone should read this case.

Here we have Bert coercing our City Council to commit the crime of oppression against me using political pressure.  See NRS 197.200 which forbids “oppression under color of office.”

Bert doesn’t seem to mind placing the City Council at risk for the crime of Oppression.  Nor does he seem to care about the civil liability to which he is attempting to expose the public.  If the City loses a civil suit, the citizens of Ely pay.

As you can see, Bert is somewhat two-faced about pretending to be moral but doesn’t mind committing crime (collusion, or, have other’s commit crime for him) to get his way.  Bert pretends to care for Ely’s inhabitants and yet exposes them to liability, both civil and criminal.  Maybe Bert is really just a moral criminal at heart.

Why doesn’t Bert just but a curtain or two for his dining room and his swimming room, like his anonymous patron suggested?

I really enjoyed the fact that about 90% of the comments on Facebook’s White Pine Talking were in support of me and the 1st Amendment.  The citizen’s of Ely are nowhere near as dumb as Bert makes them out to be.  Thanks for all the support!

Bobby VanCamp