By Sheriff Scott Henriod

Frosty mornings in Ely are a common thing this time of year. With a little bit of moisture in the air and cold nights it sure can leave your car windows covered in frost. Scrapping the windows on your car before you drive is a pain, but necessary. Over the many years of working in law enforcement I have seen a lot of people attempting to drive with just a small hole scrapped in their front windshield. I call this portal driving. It’s like trying to drive your vehicle while looking through a portal or window on a ship. Your vision is very limited and it’s very dangerous. NRS 484B.163 states that a vehicle must not be operated on any highway unless the driver’s vison through any required glass equipment is normal. In other words windshields, side windows, and rear windows must be free of obstructions. If there not, you’re probably going to be stopped and possibly ticked. Driving your vehicle while only looking through a small portion of your windshield doesn’t allow you to see the whole picture. You’re limited to only what’s in front of you and you know as a driver keeping your head on a swivel is so important, looking for other vehicles, pedestrians and traffic control devices are all required to be a safe driver. So this winter take a little extra time and clean all those windows off. Including your side and rear so you and others can make it to your destinations safely.