By Bill Noah

I looked at the scores for the Ladie’s Nite-Out League and there had to be an error because Lisa Althoff had a 234-562 score.  I did verify the authenticity so the only thing that makes sense is Nick gave her some pointers! Kayla Jensen 412; Kenna Hall 350; Mandy Valdez 492; Donna Leubek 376; Patti Marques 196-502; Danielle Jensen 439; Deanna Baldwin 371; Hannah Moore 324; Melissa Brown 352; Eve Gonzales 390; Kim Haslem 375; Rebecca Sommervold 337; Lachelle Groth 421; Shannon Barngrove 470; Salene Jackson 369; Catalina Jones 177-388; Stalene Jackson 377; Jadine Stark 400; and Melony O’Flagherty 324.

Brian Ashley led the men’s scoring a 278-759 / 245-690 series, great bowling Brian.  Chasing Brian was Alan Schaller 267-663; Michael Blair 244-662; Jason Watson 246-650; Eric Chilson 228-640;  Vern Watson 246-628; Kevin Kaamasee 235-623; Ondy Thompson 208-564; Vic McQueen 226-514; Grant Chilson 240; Riley Hutchins209; Michael Bongard 217-516; Kevin Kaamasee 210-565 and Brent Rose 238-597.

Gina Watson will be taking the honors for the women’s scoring this column with weeks of 212-583 1nd 255-626.  That’s’ some really nice scoring folks.

Senior scores will go like this:  Carol Martin 414; Bill Carney 385; Trish Stark 313; Mark Birch 372; Karen Kirkeby 454; Rudy Montoya 393; gene Trask 477; Thad Spear 365 and Jim Park 192-457.  I just got word that Jim will be unable to finish the season due to health concerns.  Any senior bowler that would like to get the ball rolling again, be at the center Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 pm.

We held our Second Annual Fire and Ice No-Tap Tournament on January 18th.  The bowlers had fun and the final standings are as follows.  Men’s 1st Place was Kevin Kaamasee and 2nd Place Grant Chilson.  Women’s 1st Place was Barbie Langlois and 2nd Place was July Thompson.  Nathan Watson was the winner in the Kid’s Division.

That’s a wrap for this column.  We have a Valentine’s Day Tournament coming up so get a partner and check it out.