By Jackie Valley

Nevada’s ability to provide students with a bright future has not improved over the past year.

The first installment of Education Week’s Quality Counts 2020 report gives Nevada a C- in its chance-for-success index, which is the same grade it received last year. Only New Mexico scored lower with a D+ grade. West Virginia and Louisiana also received a C- grade, but their point totals were higher than Nevada’s.

The annual report gave the United States overall a C+ grade in the chance-for-success category, which measures everything from parent education and family income to preschool enrollment and adult educational attainment.

Future installments of the Quality Counts 2020 report will examine school finance and K-12 achievement. States will receive an overall grade in September based on all three scores.

Last year, Nevada earned an overall grade of D+ and ranked 50th among all states and the District of Columbia. The Silver State received a C- in the chance-for-success index, a D- for school finance and a D+ for K-12 achievement.

Massachusetts scored highest this year in the chance-for-success category with an A- grade.