“Death is life on another frequency. The music doesn’t end just because someone can’t hear it” (Deepak Chopra). Calvin “Cal” Grady Henley started his journey on another frequency February 2nd, 2020. He was born 1949 in Evanston IL. Throughout his life he called: Milwaukee, WI; Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Dinkytown, MN; New Orleans, LA; Prescot, AZ; Reno, NV; and Ely, NV home.

Cal strived to help people find common ground and peace. He started that journey early in life studying at George Washington University and American University in Washington DC for a degree in international relations. His studies didn’t end there as he continued at Yavapai College in Prescott, AZ and Great Basin College in Ely, NV. He received his Physician’s assistant degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. 

Finding his place in the workforce took some time as he tried out: construction, bridge building, airline ramp agent, claim stacker, hardware store staff member, miner, EMT, PA, and band director.

Adventure, curiosity, and his free spirt drove him to explore this world. He traveled to Russia, the Berlin Wall, Australia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Canada and all over the United States. That same drive led to a vast number of hobbies including rock climbing, water and snow skiing, bungee jumping, spelunking, camping, scuba diving, rappelling, and long walks in the rain. He learned to live life dancing in the rain rather than surviving the storm.

In Ely he continued to use his construction skills and creativity at his homes on Cross Timbers and Lyons Ave. His most recent art project was creating sun catcher pictures out of crushed glass which of course he crushed his own glass.

He had a passion for literature, philosophy, music, history, teaching, and movies. His home was full of quotes from others and himself. He challenged those around him to think for themselves and find their passion in life.

Believing in the healing powers of laughter and joy he spent a week at Patch Adam’s Gesundheit Institute in W. VA completing the course: The Laughing Body: The Art of Care. At the clinic, in Ely he could be found with coyote and friends, his puppets that helped treat the children and sometimes adults. A homemade clown costume brought about psycho clown around town where he would dress up and try to bring others laughter. He helped to spread joy by delivering flowers for the Flower Basket on Valentine’s day. 

In grade school he picked up the trumpet and never put it down. His trumpet was his cherished companion and he played his music from the soul to the universe. Those in Ely could often hear him playing out on his porch and would stop to listen or go see him playing with the band. Cal also taught himself to play the saxophone, guitar, piano, organ, drums, and flute.  

Cal opened his heart and home to those in need and is survived by the countless lives he touched.

To kick off his next journey he left us with a poem:

Been around

Been around the sun

Been around so many times

Must be home

Soon tho’

Going on a journey

Around the universe

Around the soul

Crazy Horse, upon going into battle would shout Hokahey. Meaning to live life in such a way that one has done all that one should upon one’s last day, so it is indeed a good day to die. On February 2nd Cal could shout Hokahey. 

A Celebration of Life will be held Saturday, February 22nd beginning at 2PM at the Bristlecone Convention Center, 150 W 6th St, Ely, NV 89301. In lieu of flowers please make donations to the Friends of Learning Bridge Band Fund 505 S. Pioche Hwy, Ely, NV 89301.