It’s that time of the year when you are working to get your taxes together, prepared, and filed.  A new business called Great Basin Tax Service is here to help you.

Owner, Ellwood Howard moved here in 2016, and opened his home based business to offer tax options to White Pine County residents.  This year he decided to expand his services.

Howard, “I started originally because I looked around ..we have a CPA, we have a bookkeeper and H&R Block, but there is no one in this town listed in the IRS book of preparers, except for me.  I’m an enrolled agent, which is the highest credential that the IRS gives tax preparers.”

Howard explains that the credential process includes twelve hours of testing in personal taxes, business taxes, and ethics and professional standards.

Privacy, security, and maintaining a high standard so that people know they are being represented to the full extent is what Howard steeps his business base off of.

“What I noticed last year, was that there really wasn’t much of a rural understanding.  I’m willing to go to people’s home, and work with them on their taxes, just like it used to be fifty years ago.”

A virtual office visit is also available.  If you have a webcam, Howard can discuss items with a customer from his office, and the customers home, or office, or wherever the customer has a webcam. “It’s an in-office experience, but over the internet, and secure.”

Howard grew up in a small town himself, called, Puyallap, Washington.

Howard offeres a variety of services starting with W-9 and 1099 tax prepartion for as low as $55 dollars.  More advanced tax preparation such as a 1040 with stocks, bonds, retirement account, or student loans are $90.00 dollars.

Other services provided are partnerships with a business professionals group. “If you come to me and say I’m worried about my retirement in 20 years, what can you do for me? I can look at minimizing your taxes, whether you want to have more when you retire, or if you want to have it for someone else.  The business partner group looks at the investment side, and it’s all presented as a package.  Same process with the business and real estate planning. ”

Another service Howard discussed is helping individuals file a return even if you’re not required.  Howard explained how Identity theft is one of the biggest issues in the country today. “Our seniors and people on disability, they are targets.  I’m very big on taking care of taking care of the people who brought us into this world.  All they need is your name, social security number, date of birth and full name, and they can file a tax return in your name.   If you’re 65 or older, you don’t have to file.  You may not file, because you don’t have to, and then next thing you know you have a letter from the IRS saying you owe them $6,000 from years ago.  Typically what has happened is someone has taken your info and filed fraudulent taxes. Another service Howard explains he can assist with.

For additional information on all of the service Howard provides,  or to make an appointment contact Great Basin Tax Service at 775-549-5240