To my dear friend and doctor.  This man I met 35 years ago, when I brought my children to Ely for the summer months.  We bought a house right across the street from the Elks Lodge, 695 Campton.  Bryane my son would go to the courthouse city park and watch this cool hippie play his trumpet He’d come home and say “let’s go barbecue hotdogs at the park, so we can give the trumpet man one”.  That’s how we met this wonderful genius musician man, Cal Henley.

As we would come back every summer he would be playing his trumpet in the park. One summer he never showed up, and we never knew what happened to the trumpet man in the park.

Years later we decided to make  Ely our full-time home and needed a doctor as well.  Well long story short there was the trumpet man. Cal Henley became our family doctor for many years.  Cal walked me through many hard times with my health.  He stood by Norm’s side always.  Even if he was not Norm’s doctor.  Every time Norm was hospitalized for one thing or another, Cal would be there every morning to say hi to Norm. We were all very sad when Cal was no longer working at William Ririe hospital and clinic..  We never really knew what happened but it certainly was a great loss for our community.

During those years Cal and I became very close friends and we did talk about God. Cal had a hard time excepting God, as we know him.  I would just say “you don’t have to believe in him but remember he is guiding you all the way through this great journey called life.” And God did, and Cal was a Godly Man.

May God guide you my friend, into the eternal heavens above

Love,  Janet Goeringer