By Bill Noah

Hello all you keglers out there, we have lots of scores and results for this column.  So strap in buckaroos for launch time.

Ladies’ Night Out finished up their short season with a Pot Luck and some nice scores.  The “Strikes are Us” team of Lisa Althoff and Shannon Barngrover took the honors for first place.  Nick should get all the credit for Lisa’s 521 series with his expertise in spare conversions.  Shannon Barngrover 410; Stalene Jackson 379; Mandy Marques 418; Lachelle Groth 413; Patti Marques 369; Hannah Moore 317; Kenna Hall 365; Melissa Brown 365; Catalina Jones 341; Becky Sommervold 365; Kim Haslem 374; Salene Jackson 313; Melony O’Flaherty 301; Jadine Stark 363; Danielle Jensen 344 and Deanna Baldwin 408.

Senior scoring went as follows: Mark Birch 326; Karen Kirkeby 453; Gene Trask 523; Trish Stark 323; Rudy Montoya 396 Sherry Baker 318; Thad Spear 403 and Bill Carney 371.  Any Seniors that are ready to get off their couches and get some exercise, come on down on Wednesday afternoons for some bowling.

The 7 – 8 – 9- Pin No-Tap Tournament was held with 1st Place going to Jason Adams.  Chris Baldwin shot the only 300 for the tournament and took 2nd Place with Alan Schaller coming in 3rd.

The Friday Fanatics were led by Brian Ashley’s scores of 245-638/237-698.  Following up was Bridget Watson 509/515; Eric Chilson 279-679; Barbie Langlois 208-505; Josh Miller 242-636; Gina Watson 514/201-563; Jason Watson 222-615; Michael Blair 246-642; Kevin Kaamasee 225-609; Chris Baldwin got his 200 with a 203-506; Alan Schaller 212-583 and Grant Chilson 208-546.

Our Valentine’s Doubles Tournament was a fun get together.  You know it was a close event when only 19 pins separated 1st Place from 3rd Place.  Kevin Kaamasee and Kacey Donahue were the victors with a total of 1001.  Grant Chilson and Kate Adams were second with a 990 and having a 982 score, Riley and Tami Hutchinson came in 3rd Place.

Congratulations goes out to Brian Ashley who not only led the Wednesday Wackos’ scoring but shot a perfect 300 game in the process.  Brian’s score of 300-765 leads the scoring for this season.  Great bowling Brian!   Brent Rose was warming up for state with 233-643/269-564; Susan Jensen 229-536/553; Alan Schaller 214-620; Kacey Donahue 403; Michael Blair 219-617; Michael Bongard 230-596; Vern Watson 214-576; Grant Chilson 227-578; Dale Chilson 563 and Tom Sanders with a 560.

Well that should tide you over until the next column, be safe and enjoy your bowling.