Connie West, owner of the Lil’ A Le’Inn in Rachel, has announced dates for Alienstock 2020. It is to be held the weekend of Sept. 10-12.

Despite having a low turnout in 2019, West has decided to do another music festival this year also.

The 2019 event was inspired by an event titled “Storm Area 51.” It urged people to go to the military site and “see them aliens.” The webpage went viral and millions of people indicated they were either interested or planned to attend the event.

Published reports said the creator of the event and the webpage, Matty Roberts of Las Vegas, teamed up with West last year to produce an event titled “Storm Area 51.”

However, the two parted ways, with Roberts hosting an event in downtown Las Vegas instead, and are now currently involved in a lawsuit.

West, who had earlier told Lincoln County commissioners she was considering doing an event in 2020, has now apparently decided to go ahead and host an event on her own as she did last year, calling it now Alienstock 2020.

Last year was thought as being something that would attract upwards of 30,000 or more visitors, but the event only saw about 3,500 actually come for that weekend and most from southwestern states, although there were a few exceptions.

Concerns as to how the county would handle such an overwhelming amount of people at one time, gave county officials only about six weeks to provide security, medical, law enforcement and traffic control, sanitation and numerous other things, even declaring a state of emergency, to help recoup costs.  Unofficially, it cost the county about $250,000.

Gov. Steve Sisolak has shown little interest in helping the county recover some of the money spent, thinking the event did not warrant an emergency declaration.

Lincoln County Commission chair Varlin Higbee has said, “In 2020 the county will not go through that again. If she (West), or George Harris at the Alien Research Center in Hiko want to do something, they will have to pay for all what is needed. They will have do it themselves. 

“We’re not going to do it on the backs of the county taxpayers again. If they can make money at it, fine, but we’re not going to pay for it.”

West was not available for comment. Also at present, Harris has not said what he might do again at the Alien Research Center.

In addition, Higbee said, “We haven’t issued any permits yet.”

The county planning and building department would do that.

Commissioners have decided they need to revise current special use permits and/or a county ordinance to even allow for such large events, but have not done that yet. “It’s not a big problem,” Higbee said, “we just have to do it.”

The issue of dealing with revising the ordinance was not on the board meeting Feb. 19 agenda, but there may have been some informal discussion.