While thousands of Nevadans waited for hours this past weekend to vote early in the Democratic Caucus, it was a simple process here in White Pine. 

Early voting took place at the White Pine County Library, Saturday, Feb. 15. 

Until now, this was something that has never been done before this primary season.  

The Nevada Democratic Party changed things up this year by aiming at opening up the otherwise restrictive caucus process and boosting turnout in the state. Early voting in Nevada is something voters are familiar with, with more than 56 percent of the state voting early in the 2016 general election.

The state party announced that more than 18,000 Nevadans voted this past Saturday, with some waiting more than three hours to do so in larger cities. That number grew to more than 26,000 total by the end of the weekend.

Pressure was added to the process when Iowa’s caucuses were thrown in turmoil because of the faulty app, which lead to how Nevada’s caucuses will go.  

Early voting began on Saturday, Feb. 15, and Nevadans had four days — until Tuesday, Feb. 18 — to cast an early ballot.

The party has set up more than 80 locations across the state, with only a few being open all four days. Those locations include union halls, schools and event spaces.

The Nevada caucuses represent the first time a diverse state has expressed their presidential preference this cycle. 

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak tweeted on Monday that he took his 93-year old mother to early vote. 

“My 93-year-old mom went to caucus early and expressed her preference this weekend,” he wrote. “Thank you so much to all of the Democratic staff and volunteers for being so kind and patient. You’re all the best!!” 

You still have time to vote here in White Pine. Voting polls will be open on Saturday, Feb. 22, from noon to 2 p.m. at the White Pine High School, located at 1800 Bobcat Drive.  

Doors open at 10 a.m., and doors will close at noon in order for the caucus to begin.