By Sheriff Scott Henriod

It never fails, as soon as a natural disaster happens or some type of catastrophe the scammer’s rear their ugly heads.  With the entire world watching to see how the Coronavirus Virus is all going to play out, the scammers are in full swing trying once again to prey on those who would help by contributing funds to those in need. If you haven’t gotten the emails or social media pleas for help, I’m sure there coming. 

åThe scammers are contacting individuals requesting financial assistance to help those who have been affected by the virus. They are also requesting financial aid for medical facilities and supplies. One article I read stated that they are even trying to work through your local Clergy Leaders to obtain your email address or contact information so they can contact you personally. Once you send the money to the scammer those in need of course will never see a dime, and the scammer pockets every penny. It always amazes me how low people will go. So make sure before you send any type of donation to any organization that you research it first. 

Make sure that the money you are sending is going to be used for the purpose you intended it to be used for. Just one more word of advice on this subject, never respond to the email or social media post you received directly. Do your research independently so you can contribute wisely.