The White Pine County Commission voted and approved unanimously 507 Bill, that regulates the speed limit within McGill town limits to 25 mph. 

County Commission Chairman Richard Howe reminded the commissioners that Sheriff Scott Henriod had discussed the speed limit change at the previous commission meeting during the first reading of the ordinance.  

Public Works Director Bill Calderwood explained to the commission that there would be exceptions in the town of McGill. 

“The parks and school zones, will remain at 15 mph and then everything else we’ll post,” he said.

Henriod was reached for comment and he explained that the McGill Town Council reached out to him several moths ago to look into the discrepancies of the speed zones located in McGill.  

“Myself and Bill Calderwood located several areas in McGill where the speed limit signs were inconsistent,” Henroid said. “If you traveled one way on a street the speed limit sign was posted 20 mph and if you turned around and came down the same street the speed limit sign was posted 25 mph.”

The Town Council was contacted and Henriod reported his findings and recommended a consistent 25 mph posting throughout the town site of McGill. 

Fourth street would be excluded at US 93 since that is a state highway which is regulated by the State of Nevada. “The McGill Town Council agreed with our findings at which time it was brought before the County Commission for approval,” Henriod said. 

Calderwood said he would consult with Henriod on sign placement so that law enforcement could enforce the speed limit.

County Commissioner Laurie Carson recalled that this ordinance for compatibility shows all signs are same.  

Calderwood said, “Correct, this clears up some of the confusion.” 

The ordinance was approved unanimously.