Dear Editor, 

We recently lost our home to a housefire.  What I want to tell you though, isn’t about the fire.  What I want to share with you is a truth my family learned firsthand, because of the fire; White Pine County is a community full of extraordinary people.  In this community, my family has witnessed God’s great love in action, and we recognize that we are blessed beyond measure.

The day after the fire, our very long drive was lined with vehicles carrying supplies, lumber and people, lots of loving, beautiful people all saying the same thing “We’re here to help.”  In addition to this amazing presence, we received and continue to receive countless texts, phone calls, letters, cards and face to face encounters from White Pine citizens all saying the same thing, “We’re here to help,”  It is the most beautiful thing we’ve ever experienced.

Thank you, White Pine, we love you and are so grateful to each person who has supported and prayed for us during this hard time.  Your kindness has turned our tragedy into a moment of time that will be remembered for the outpouring of goodness we received rather that the hardships we faced.

Thank you all,

 Loe Darren, Jenni, and Everlyse Wallace