By Sheriff Scott Henriod

On February 13, 2020 the Ely City Council at its regularly scheduled meeting passed ordinance number 725. This ordinance will go into effect March 11, 2020. This ordinance entitled certain highways and roads in the City of Ely as designated OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) travel routes. These roads have been posted by the City of Ely designating the routes. It also established the laws regulating operators, insurance, equipment and OHV registrations. Some of the highlights of the ordinance are as follows. 

1. The operators must have a valid driver’s license or instructors permit. If the operator holds an instructors permit he or she must be under the supervision of an adult who holds a valid driver’s license. 

2. All OHV’S must be registered and have proof of insurance 

3. All operators and passengers must wear a helmet. 

4. All operators must comply with all traffic laws. 

5. OHV’S can only be operated 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset. UTV’S are exempt for this time limit.

 6. All OHV’S are required to be operated at a speed not to exceed 15mph.

 7. All OHV’S must have tail lamps, head lamps, reflectors and a muffler. The Ely City Council worked diligently on this ordinance working with several OHV groups and organizations. A lot of public comment was heard before this ordinance was passed. I encourage anyone who wishes to take advantage of this new ordinance that they obtain a copy and review all the ordinance before venturing onto a City street in their OHV. You can obtain a copy of this ordinance by going to Ely City Hall or their website One last reminder is, this ordinance is only for the City of Ely and doesn’t pertain to the county.