Submitted by the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office. Information and spellings of names contained in the blotter are as released by the WPCSO. Information will not be withheld at the requests of persons whose names appear in the blotter or elsewhere in the newspaper that are released by the law enforcement agencies that include the WPCSO, Nevada Highway Patrol, Ely Shoshone Tribal Police and other local, state, federal agencies. 


REPORT OF AN UNATTENDED DEATH: Clifford Martin passed away at his residence due to natural causes.

REPORT OF A BAD CHECK: City – the reporting party claimed to have received several checks for services rendered and the checks were returned from the bank as non-sufficient.  A report was completed.

REPORT OF INJURY TO PROPERTY: City – the reporting party claimed a subject he had hired to work on his vehicle had damaged it.  Contact was made with the subject who advised he didn’t damage the vehicle.  The investigation continues.

REPORT OF A SUSPICIOUS SUBJECT: City – the subject was located, identified as 41 year old Ely resident Barry Francis.  He was discovered to be in possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.  He was also in possession of property that was reported stolen from a home in which the victim was more than 60 years of age.  Francis was taken into custody without incident.

New Bookings: Derrick Parker / Possession of marijuana / Bail $15,000 / Arrested by NHP. Barry Francis / Possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, burglary, petit larceny, under the influence of a controlled substance, and elder abuse / Bail $20,000


REPORT OF AN ARREST: City – 35 year old Jonathan Anthony Romero, of Ely, was arrested for violating his probation.

REPORT OF A WELFARE CHECK: Contact was made with the subject who was found to be okay.

REPORT OF A JUVENILE PROBLEM: City – the area was checked, but no juveniles were located.

New Bookings: Jonathan Romero / Probation violation / No bail


REPORT OF SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: City – the area was checked but nothing suspicious was located.

REPORT OF A STOLEN VEHICLE: The reporting party claimed his juvenile son took his truck without permission.  Deputies located the truck and attempted to stop it, but the driver fled the area.  The driver eventually got the vehicle stuck on a rural road and was taken into custody.  He was transported to the Elko Juvenile Detention Facility.

REPORT OF A CIVIL PROBLEM: The reporting party was having an issue with a landlord.  Both parties were advised the disagreement was civil and to handle it accordingly.

REPORT OF A RECKLESS DRIVER: City – the driver was located and denied driving recklessly.  A report was completed.

REPORT OF A THEFT: The report was unfounded.

REPORT OF AN ARREST: City – 37 year old Ely resident Mara Vasquez was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant.

REPORT OF A CIVIL ISSUE: City – the reporting party gifted a vehicle to her son, and now his wife was attempting to sell the vehicle.  She was advised it was a civil issue and to handle it as such.

New bookings: Mara Vasquez / Warrant / Bail $576.


REPORT OF A POSSIBLE PROWLER: The area was checked, but no one was located.

REPORT OF A WELFARE CHECK: City – the subject was located and was fine.

REPORT OF A DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE: Contact was made with the reporting party who claimed a person with whom she has a dating relationship had battered her.  The male subject was identified as 28 year old Nevada resident Jesse Reiter.  He was later taken into custody for domestic battery.

REPORT OF AN ARREST: 40 year old McGill resident Keith Miller was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

REPORT OF A CUSTODY ISSUE: City – the reporting party claimed her custody agreement with her daughter’s father was not being followed.  The incident was documented.

REPORT OF A PROBLEM WITH A SUBJECT: City – the reporting party claimed a female threatened to injure her dogs via The Facebook.  The female was contacted and advised she couldn’t make threats.

REPORT OF A CITIZEN ASSIST: City – a juvenile called and reported being lost while walking home.  He was located and assisted in getting home.

REPORT OF HARASSMENT: The reporting party claimed an ex-boyfriend was harassing her via text.  She was advised to block his number and was given the procedure to apply for a protection order.

New Bookings: Jesse Reiter / Domestic battery / Bail $3,000 Keith Miller / Warrant / No bail