KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
An abandond blue heeler is being fostered by a couple through an organization called Herding Haven, based in Salt Lake City.

Animal control officer Andrew Hayes recenty took into custody at the animal shleter an abandoned dog, left behind with another dog and two cats, by her owners who were evicted from their residence. 

With a confounding amount of networking through shares on social media, and networking with volunteers a rescue from Salt Lake called Herding Haven quickly stepped in and offered to take the dog in. The rescue provides refuge and rehabilitation for herding dogs with special needs so that they may become more adoptable. 

The only special need this girl had, was that she was blind. A sweet, quiet dog that appeared as though her only desire was to sit as close as possible to a human to receive much needed love and attention. As she sniffed around waiting for her transport ride, it appeared as though she had adapted very well to her blindness.  

She immediately went into a foster home with Nate and Britte. Their last names were not given for privacy purposes. This foster home is unique. The couple lost their blue heeler in December of 2019 after 15 years. Their experience and skill set was perfect for this dog to have a chance to decompress, and for the foster couple to see if they are ready to adopt yet.

Heidi Heckethorn, an animal control officer in Utah, happened to be in Ely over the weekend to visit family.  Heckethorn quickly offered to transport the dog to the rescue, a rescue she said she works with frequently.  

Many in the rescue and shelter world call a dog transport a freedom ride. A ride where a dog is saved from sitting at a shetler for an extended amount of time, or possibly euthanized.  

The dog followed Heckethorn, and eagerly jumped into the backseat of the car where she had a  cozy blanket and pillow, to make her trip as comfortable as possible. 

Nate said, “We heard the dog was scheduled for euthanasia on the 28th of February, so we agreed to foster her, to ensure she would stay alive.”   

Since Monday, Nate explained that  she seems to express her gratitude in various ways, by snuggling up to them, trying to bark in excitement, only to be heard with a hoarse voice.  

She has developed trust very quickly and is very friendly with other dogs. It is still unknown of her age, but it is possible she could be around 11 with the condition her teeth are in. 

Britte said, “It’s evident from the first day, at some point in her life she has had training, she knows how to sit, lie down, and go outside to the bathroom. It also appears that she sees may see some light and shadows the way she moves so quickly for a walk.”   

Kathy Beals, president of Herding Haven Rescue, said the heeler will go in for a complete medical checkup this Friday.

“They will conduct an eye exam, do blood work, and dental since her teeth are horribly rotten,” he said.

 If you would like to help with her medical care costs, go to www.herdinghaven.org and there is a link to make a donation.

While the foster couple is unsure whether they will adopt, they mentioned repeatedly what an amazing dog she is. This sweet pup may have found her new forever home.