At last weeks Ely City Council meeting during the invidiual council members report period, Councilman Jim Alworth expressed his frustration on the proposal to the parks.

“I voice my dissatisfaction, that there was no mention to the city council of these parks prior to the publication in the paper,” he said. “There is a complete lack of transparency to the public.  

“The park they want to put in by Love’s is in city limits. The public does not know what is happening. I wanted to suggest that we need to have some kind of public meeting, and show what is suggested. We could have people come down and look at this. If you set up a tripod right now of the plans they have, it’s going to be an uproar.”

Alworth said he wasn’t against the SNPLMA money, stressing that it is needed but that it should be left up to the voters. 

“I’m proud of the people who are on this voyage,” he said. “But we need public input.” 

Next item on the agenda was from Mayor Nathan Robertson. An item to approve as a supporter of the request to Gov. Steve Sisolak that the Division of Forestry Honor Camp crews be able to service communities and community organizations.  The letter was coordinated by Mt. Wheeler Power. The council voted unanimously to approve the letter of support. 

Fire Chief Ross Rivera was requesting the council to concur with a letter of support of multi-year improvement plan for the fire access road compliance at the new Learning Bridge Charter School.  

“We want to see the school finished, I think it’s a great asset, to the community,” he said.

The fire marshal felt like they could entertain a tiered project so the cost wouldn’t have to be incurred all at one time, and that is what brought this agenda item. Robertson asked what the plan was.  

Rivera said, “The plan is to bring the road surface in, in three years.”

Almberg explained that it would be the same thing that was done on Mill Street and the Georgetown Ranch road.  The motion was made, and the item was passed unanimously. 

Council woman Michelle Beecher placed an agenda item to request approval for the City Attorney to sign letter engaging the law firm of Maupin, Cox and LeGoy to co-represent the City of Ely in the lawsuit of the City of Ely versus the S&S Shortline.  The motion was made and passed unanimously. 

Sheriff Scott Henriod gave the mayor and council an update on the construction of the Justice Center. 

“The Justice Center construction is scheduled to begin pouring foundation for the transformers, start project is March 16, 2020,” he said. “ You are going to see a lot of people moving into town, hopefully we will have places for them, and I thank you for assisting with those efforts.”