Arleigh Campeau

Arleigh knows that strong leaders with the right mindset will make the world a better place. He believes that good things can always be done better and achieving greatness should always be the goal. He is on a path of self-growth to become a better leader and community member through his work as a supervisor in training at the Robinson Mine and through volunteer work throughout the community. Arleigh has been a coach for youth soccer and little league over the last couple of years and played a large role in the recent Magic Carpet Preschool overhaul. Showing our people that overcoming adversity and growing as individuals and watching that growth happen is what keeps Arleigh motivated.

Arleigh graduated high school in Milford, Utah and went to college in Orem at Utah Valley State College. After that he pursued a career in construction and later married his wife Candice Campeau and had their first child.

Shortly after that the economy went into recession and construction work was scarce. Despite the challenges of the recession their small family fought through the struggle with hard work and creative ideas to create income when money was scarce. Areigh is thankful for these past challenges, “We have overcome many adverse situations as a family and the skills we have learned from these times have helped us become the successful people that we are today.”

Arleigh has had a diverse upbringing working in mining, heavy construction, and the ales industries as well as living and working in many different cities giving him a broad spectrum of experiences to bring to our community. He and his wife Candice opened and operate Elysium Salon and they plan to open a brewery in downtown Ely in the near future. Arleigh has a vision of Ely being a destination city with many offerings and a flourishing economy and plans to be a big part of it.

Ron Miller

Ron is a long-time resident of Nevada, graduating from Ruth Grade School and later White Pine High School.

Immediately after graduating he enlisted and served for three years in the military. Returning home, he took a job working for Kennecott Copper for six years. Shortly after Mt. Wheeler Power became a cooperative, he began working in the office. Later he transferred to the line crew. He earned his lineman certificate and eventually became a line foreman. He retired from Mt. Wheeler Power in January of 2001. His 30-plus years of experience has provided him something to offer the cooperative. Since becoming a director, he has completed 136 hours of continuing education to help him do his job as a director.