To the Editor:
I am writing this letter specifically to a small percentage of very inconsiderate and selfish dog owners. We walk our dogs at least twice a day at the local county and city parks . Since the parks are public property, we ALWAYS clean up after them, not wanting to leave behind anything that could cling to other park user’s shoes, feet, or in the case of small kids, clothing.
It seems that we have a few dog owners that feel they should not have to pick up after their pets. Steptoe is the worst, but Broadbent is a close second. There are times when I notice that in some areas I cannot take more than 10 or 15 steps without encountering piles which came from very large dogs. While I do not consider myself much of a scatologist, it is obvious that a small number of dog owners are responsible for the majority of the piles. That means it would be unfair to blame out of town visitors for the problem. Indeed, I often observe these visitors clean up after their pets. I also notice some local residents that do not.
In the case of Steptoe Park, there are locations to get “Doggy Potty” Bags.
Spring is on its way (I hope) and there will be lots of athletic events at our parks. The participants should not have to worry about stepping or falling in something that some irresponsible pet owner left behind.
Randy Lee